Keeping it real and raw with our goodwill mission 

Whether it’s a GIMME MOSS product or nutritional information about sea moss, we’re here to provide raw and unfiltered goodness straight from the source

The benefits of sea moss are nothing new. In the Caribbean, its health benefits are well-known to the local communities as an ancient superfood and popular culinary and medicinal product. Sea moss is known by various names; in Jamaica, it is popularly known as Irish Moss, and in Belize, it’s simply called Seaweed.

GIMME MOSS uses traditional sea moss farming knowledge and modern sustainable harvesting methods to produce 100% natural sea moss products. Our sea moss is wildcrafted in St Lucia, naturally dried in the Caribbean sun, and shipped directly to us in the UK. 


Benjamin & Jacob: The GIMME MOSS story

For us, Benjamin and Jacob, co-founders of GIMME MOSS, sea moss is an everyday ingredient. For years sea moss has played a role in our daily lives with one tablespoon here and there added regularly to our juices, stews, skincare, and hair masks. Just one unassuming tablespoon of the golden gelatinous substance filled with so many of the nutrients your body loves and needs! Simple. Easy.

In 2018, we both swapped animal products for a plant-based diet and began to see first-hand the miraculous benefits of plant medicine. Wanting to keep using nutrition to optimise our health and wellbeing, in 2019 we started working with local producers in St. Lucia to harvest sustainably sourced high-quality sea moss. By 2020, Gimme Moss was born in the UK. 

Today, GIMME MOSS continues to grow from these foundational roots. We’re committed to simple, everyday goodness that keeps giving.  We believe the best is natural and the real is often raw.